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Child ustody battles can be very emotional for all parties involved, especially children. At KRBHK, our attorneys understands the emotions involved in these changes in family structure, the need to plan for the future, and the need to have a qualified and caring Murfreesboro Custody Lawyer you can count on to stand by you throughout the entire process. At KRBHK, you can be assured that your custody attorney has experience in handling all cases regarding Child Custody, including Visitation Rights, Relocation, Alimony, and Child Support.


The court looks at numerous factors when establishing a parenting plan. Important factors in this determination include the degree to which the parent has been the primary caregiver of the child, the importance of continuity in the child’s life and the length of time that the child has lived in a stable, satisfactory environment, as well as each parent’s employment schedule. Every parenting plan has to include a calculation of child support.


Tennessee now uses the Income Shares Model of calculating child support, which is used in several other jurisdictions. The primary considerations for calculating child support are: each parent’s monthly gross income, the number of days each parent has with the child (this number is normally contained within the parenting plan), and child care costs. Child support cannot be waived or modified without consent of the court. Our child custody attorneys can explain how the courts deal with these custody issues, as well as what to expect to pay or receive in terms of child support.


You do not have to make these decisions alone. Contact a Murfreesboro Custody Lawyer today and set up an appointment to discuss your divorce and child custody issues. No matter how complex the financial situation or the family dynamics, the Family Law and custody attorneys at KRBHK will work hard for you and find solutions that fit your families particular circumstances.