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Choose a Murfreesboro divorce attorney who cares about you and your family


The legal environment of the family can be incredibly difficult to understand and many divorce related actions taken without legal counsel can have serious long-term ramifications that may not be reversed. Our Murfreesboro divorce lawyers have extensive experience in Family Law matters pertaining to a Divorce, including Child Custody, Visitation Rights, Relocation, Alimony, and Child Support, to name a few. If you’re considering a divorce, you can trust the attorneys at KRBHK to take care of you and your most important asset, your family.


Tennessee Divorce Law

Grounds for a divorce in Tennessee are statutory in nature and include adultery, inappropriate marital conduct (which can include a wide spectrum of conduct such as drug abuse, alcohol abuse, domestic violence, and/or verbal abuse, as a few examples), irreconcilable differences (Tennessee does not have no-fault divorce, but parties who want to be divorced and who have reached agreements as to their children and property can obtain a divorce based upon irreconcilable differences) as well as other more specific grounds.


We often represent individuals in an uncontested divorce. This type of divorce basically means that the parties have reached agreement as to all issues involved in the divorce, often with the aid of our divorce attorneys. Whether it is a contested divorce or uncontested divorce, it is essential that the agreements be carefully and artfully drawn so that they will stand up in a court of law. Our Murfreesboro divorce lawyers have prepared hundreds of these documents over the years.


Owning a business or professional practice can also introduce complex financial issues into a divorce. It takes a thorough knowledge of business and an understanding of equitable asset division to develop a solution that protects the business as well as the financial interests of both spouses. We offer services only a large firm can provide, with attorneys that specialize in business litigation, bankruptcy, criminal, and other aspects of the law that can overlap any divorce.