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Murfreesboro Personal Injury Attorney, Murfreesboro Personal Injury Lawyer, Auto Accident, Truck Accident
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Speak with a Murfreesboro personal injury attorney during the early stages to help resolve your case efficiently


If you were injured through the fault of someone else, let our Murfreesboro Injury Lawyer Team work for you. KRBHK has more than 150 years of combined legal experience to work on resolving your personal injury claim. We represent clients in personal injury claims arising from various types of accidents, including: motor vehicle accidents, accidents at work (worker compensation), accidents involving defective products and falls, wrongful death, head and spinal injury, railroad accidents, and more.


Dealing with medical bills, subrogation, deadlines, liens and adjusters can be overwhelming. Before you sign any forms or hire an attorney for any type of personal injury case, give us a call. Within minutes, and without cost or obligation, you will get the honest, straightforward, easy-to-understand advice you need to make your best decision.


We are successful personal injury attorneys because we work hard for our clients, and we have extensive experience as trial lawyers. Our attorneys know how to present and argue your case effectively — in court or in insurance settlement negotiations. A capable personal injury lawyer can do a number of things to help injury victims and their families, including:


• Determine the types of damages and claims that apply to a particular case.


• Prove negligence. This is the lynchpin of any personal injury case: proving that the injuries suffered by the victim or victims are the direct result of a negligent act, and that the negligent act was performed by the defendant. This can be exceptionally difficult, and is a task best left to an experienced Murfreesboro personal injury lawyer.


• Negotiate with insurance companies. Victims often accept settlements without consulting an attorney, not realizing the offer may not cover all their expenses. Always contact an experienced personal injury attorney before accepting any insurance settlement.